Psychometric Tests

How to use our portal?

Our psychometric tests assess interests, skills, and personality traits, aiding individuals in exploring aligned career paths. These tests help match strengths with suitable roles to provide valuable insights for individuals to navigate their professional journeys.

Discover Your Interest: Psychometric test 1

Discover Your Thinking Pattern: Psychometric test 2

Discover Your Personality: Psychometric test 3

Navigate Your Future: Psychometric Test Journey

Step 1: Candidates pay the fee online to access the tests and counseling:

Cost: Rs.1500/- per Candidate.

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Bank: Karur Vysya Bank

A/C. No: 1603135000004671 

Branch: Cumbum

IFSC Code: KVBL0001125

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Step 2: Pay Online & Share Payment Screenshot:

Payment is made online, and candidates share payment details for confirmation.

Step 3: Register Below for Test Links:

Candidates register through the provided link for test access.

Step 4: Links Shared via Email upon Registration:

Upon registration, candidates receive three psychometric test links one by one via email for a seamless experience. Registered candidates will receive the test alert via WhatsApp.

Step 5: Online Tests for Grade 12 Students and College Students:

Grade 12 students and College Students undergo all three psychometric tests online.

Step 6: One-to-One Counseling by Facilitator:

A personalized counseling session follows the tests for in-depth insights.

Step 7: Test Report Shared with Candidate:

Comprehensive reports are provided to each candidate after assessment.