AI in School Administration

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Are you too busy to learn about AI tools? Would you like to use AI tools in your daily work to become smart and work 10 times faster?

Join us for an extraordinary leadership program designed exclusively for educators who want to be future-ready! Get ready to transform your administrative skills with the power of AI.

Topic: AI in School Administration

* Supercharge Your Planning!

Discover the secret to planning your entire school activities month wise for the 2024-2025 academic year in just 10 minutes using revolutionary ChatGPT tool. From exam schedules to club activities, cultural events to career guidance, our powerful prompts will help you create a comprehensive plan in no time.

* Read faster with the help of AI.

Learn how to read faster than ever before with AI. Unleash the ability to read and understand the 66-page NEP 2020 document in less than five minutes. Boost your reading speed by a jaw-dropping 100 times!

* Master the Art of SOPs

Craft impeccable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for various school activities that elevate your SQAAF (Student, Quality, Access, and Affordability Framework). Manage students, teachers, parents, and office administration like a pro. Explore sample SOPs, including the admission process and documentation.

* Develop interviewing skills

Enhance your interviewing skills with the assistance of ChatGPT. Become a subject expert in all subjects effortlessly.

* Lightning-Fast Circulars and Function Planning

Learn the art of preparing error-free circulars and proofreading them in less than a minute using ChatGPT. Say goodbye to time-consuming proofreading!

* Effortlessly plan any function in just 5 minutes with ChatGPT.

We’ll showcase the Annual Day celebration as a sample function, covering everything from invitation content to roles and responsibilities, budgeting, badges, and even the weather forecast for the day!

* AI in Academics

Empower your teachers to create question banks for Grade 10 and 12 in just one day, all thanks to AI. Say goodbye to hours of manual work!

* Staff Appraisal

Track and assess your staff’s performance throughout the academic year effortlessly with our Staff Appraisal format powered by Excel. No more headaches when evaluating their overall performance.

🏫 Correspondents, Principals, Vice Principals, Administrative Officers, Coordinators, HOD’s & PGT’s.

This program is tailor-made for you.

📅 Your 2024-2025 monthly school activity schedule.

📄 Circular templates, annual day micro plan, and admission SOP.

📊 SQAAF documents list, AI plugins access, and staff appraisal template.

🌐 Lifelong access to the “AI in Education” community.

🎯 Planning, Managing, Fast Reading, Leadership, Technical (AI tools), Team Management.

Mr. Arockiaraja T

📚 Accomplished Author, Publisher, Administrator, Trainer, Career Coach.

🏆 He has completed the below courses from Microsoft and Google.

Certificates Received from Microsoft:

1. Hybrid Learning: A new model for the future of learning.

2.Fundamental AI Concepts

Batches received from Google:

1. Introduction to Generative AI   

2. Introduction to Large Language Models (LLM)

💰 Rs. 8000/- per person.

💸 Special rate: Rs. 7000/- per person for two participants from the same school. This offer also extends to known individuals from different schools registering as a group.

📞 Contact +91 9790360777 for group registrations or clarifications.

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Account Number: 67327555581

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