Module 1 – Learning Objectives

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Name of the learning module: Learning Objectives of a 21st Century Lesson Plan

Duration: 30 Minutes

Introduction  – 2 Minutes

Learning objectives in education are brief statements that describe what students are expected to learn by the end of the school year, course, unit, lesson, project, or class period.

Defining learning objective is complicated by the fact that educators use a wide variety of terms for learning objectives, and the terms may or may not be used synonymously from place to place.

Learning objectives are commonly referred to as:

  • Student learning objectives
  • Benchmarks
  • Grade-level indicators
  • Learning targets
  • Performance indicators
  • Learning standards

Learning Outcomes  – 1 Minute

In this tutorial, you will learn about

  • The importance of writing learning objectives.
  • What to ask yourself before writing learning objectives?
  • SMART attributes in writing objectives.
  • Objectives related to cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.
  • Sample objectives related to cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.

Steps in learning.

1.Learn the key points from the video –  7 Minutes

2. Take the quiz and find out how much you have learnt –  15 Minutes

The assessment questions will be based on the information presented above. If you haven’t gone over the text and video contents thoroughly enough before taking the test, go through content and watch the video again.

3. Answer the question asked at the end of the video –  5 Minutes

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