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Your interests can help you find careers you might like to explore. The more a career meets your interests, the more likely it will be satisfying and rewarding to you. Click on the interests below to learn more about them and explore careers related to them.


Realistic people are pragmatic and objective individuals who approach life with practicality, adaptability, and a balanced perspective, making decisions based on careful assessment and problem-solving. Here are some jobs that are typically considered suitable for realistic people:

Mechanical and Technical Jobs:

Auto Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanic


Industrial Maintenance Technician

Construction and Building Trades:

Construction Worker


Concrete Finisher


Engineering and Manufacturing:

Mechanical Engineer

Manufacturing Technician

Quality Control Inspector

Emergency Services:



Police Officer

Healthcare (Technical Roles):

Radiologic Technologist

Surgical Technologist

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Natural Resources and Agriculture:



Conservation Technician

Military and Defense:

Military Technician

Combat Engineer

Tank Mechanic

Transportation and Logistics:

Truck Driver

Aircraft Technician

Ship Captain

Sports and Fitness:

Fitness Trainer

Sports Coach

Athletic Trainer

Protective Services:

Security Guard

Corrections Officer

Border Patrol Agent

Skilled Trades:





HVAC Technician

Emerging Jobs:

Robotics Technician: With the rise of automation, realistic individuals can explore careers in robotics, maintaining and troubleshooting robotic systems.

3D Printing Technician: As 3D printing technology advances, technicians are needed to operate and maintain 3D printers for various applications.

Drone Technician: With the increasing use of drones, technicians are needed to repair and maintain these unmanned aerial vehicles.

Renewable Energy Technician: Realistic individuals can explore careers in renewable energy, such as working on solar panel installations or wind turbine maintenance.

Virtual Reality (VR) Technician: As VR technology becomes more prevalent, technicians are needed to set up and maintain VR systems.

Smart Home Technician: With the growth of smart home technology, technicians can work on installing and troubleshooting smart home systems.

Data Center Technician: Realistic individuals with technical skills can find opportunities in data centers, maintaining and troubleshooting servers and networking equipment.

Advanced Manufacturing Technician: As manufacturing processes become more advanced, technicians are needed to operate and maintain high-tech manufacturing equipment.

These examples highlight the diversity of careers that align with the realistic personality type. Keep in mind that individual preferences, skills, and education can also play a significant role in determining a person’s suitability for a specific job. Additionally, some individuals may find fulfillment in jobs that combine realistic traits with other personality characteristics.


Investigative people are curious and analytical individuals who excel in research and problem-solving, employing a systematic and detail-oriented approach to gather and analyze information. They thrive on exploring and uncovering insights in various fields. Here are some jobs that are typically considered suitable for investigative people:

Science and Research:

Scientist (e.g., Biologist, Chemist, Physicist)


Laboratory Technician

Information Technology:

Data Analyst

Cybersecurity Analyst

Systems Analyst

Legal and Criminal Justice:


Forensic Scientist

Legal Researcher


Medical Researcher


Clinical Research Coordinator

Finance and Accounting:

Financial Analyst

Forensic Accountant


Technology and Engineering:

Engineer (e.g., Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer)

Systems Engineer

Quality Assurance Analyst

Market Research and Analysis:

Market Research Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

Environmental Science:

Environmental Scientist

Environmental Engineer

Conservation Scientist

Social Sciences:




Journalism and Writing:

Investigative Journalist

Research Writer

Technical Writer


Educational Researcher

Curriculum Developer

Education Consultant

Intelligence and Security:

Intelligence Analyst

Security Analyst

Counterterrorism Analyst

Emerging Jobs:

Cybersecurity Analyst: Investigating and analyzing cyber threats, cybersecurity analysts work to protect organizations from cyberattacks and security breaches.

Digital Forensic Analyst: With the rise of digital crime, digital forensic analysts investigate electronic devices to gather evidence for legal purposes.

Biotechnology Researcher: Investigating and conducting research in the field of biotechnology, researchers contribute to advancements in medicine, agriculture, and other areas.

Environmental Scientist: Investigating environmental issues, scientists in this field analyze data to understand and address challenges related to pollution, climate change, and conservation.

User Experience (UX) Researcher: Investigating user behavior and preferences, UX researchers contribute to the design and improvement of products and services.

Healthcare Researcher: Conducting research in the healthcare field, researchers investigate diseases, treatments, and healthcare delivery to improve patient outcomes.

Blockchain Analyst: With the growth of blockchain technology, analysts investigate and analyze transactions to ensure security and compliance.

Machine Learning Researcher: Investigating and developing machine learning algorithms, researchers in this field contribute to advancements in artificial intelligence.

These occupations involve tasks that align with the investigative personality type, including analyzing data, conducting research, solving complex problems, and applying logical thinking. It’s important to note that individual preferences and skills can vary, so someone with investigative tendencies might also find satisfaction in roles that combine investigative traits with other interests or personality characteristics. Additionally, the level of education and experience may influence the suitability for specific investigative careers.


Artistic people are creative individuals who express themselves through various forms of art, such as visual arts, music, or literature, often showcasing originality, imagination, and a unique perspective in their creations. They find inspiration in the beauty and diversity of the world around them. Here are some jobs that are typically considered suitable for artistic people:

Fine Arts and Design:




Graphic Designer

Performing Arts:





Writing and Literature:




Content Creator

Media and Entertainment:



Video Game Designer


Fashion and Textiles:

Fashion Designer

Textile Designer

Costume Designer

Interior Design:

Interior Designer


Set Designer

Crafts and Artisanal Work:





Advertising and Marketing:

Art Director

Creative Director

Advertising Designer

Creative Arts Therapy:

Art Therapist

Music Therapist

Dance/Movement Therapist


Art Teacher

Music Teacher

Drama Teacher

Illustration and Animation:




Culinary Arts:


Pastry Chef

Food Stylist

Social Media and Influencing:

Social Media Content Creator


Digital Artist

Event Planning:

Event Designer

Wedding Planner

Floral Designer

Emerging Jobs:

Virtual Reality (VR) Artist: Creating immersive and visually stunning experiences in virtual reality, VR artists contribute to the growing field of virtual reality entertainment and applications.

Augmented Reality (AR) Designer: Designing digital overlays on the real world, AR designers create interactive and engaging experiences using augmented reality technology.

Digital Content Creator: With the rise of online platforms, digital content creators use various media, including graphics, videos, and illustrations, to produce content for social media, websites, and streaming platforms.

UX/UI Designer: User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers focus on creating visually appealing and user-friendly digital interfaces for websites, apps, and software.

Creative Technologist: Blending artistic skills with technological knowledge, creative technologists work on innovative projects that incorporate both creativity and technology.

3D Modeler/Animator: Creating three-dimensional models and animations for games, movies, and simulations, 3D modelers and animators contribute to the visual aspects of digital media.

Digital Sculptor: Using digital tools to sculpt virtual objects, digital sculptors create assets for games, movies, and virtual reality experiences. NFT Artist: With the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), artists can create and sell digital artworks in the blockchain space, opening up new avenues for artistic expression and monetization.

These occupations allow artistic individuals to express themselves, explore their creativity, and contribute to various industries through their unique perspectives. It’s important to note that artistic people may find fulfillment in roles that combine artistic traits with other interests or personality characteristics. Additionally, the level of formal education and training can influence the suitability for specific artistic careers.


Social people are outgoing and communicative individuals who thrive on interpersonal connections, enjoying social interactions, building relationships, and often displaying empathy and understanding in their interactions with others. They find fulfillment through collaboration and shared experiences. Here are some jobs that are typically considered suitable for social people:

Event Planning and Coordination:

Event Planner

Wedding Coordinator

Conference Organizer

Party Planner

Public Relations and Communications:

Public Relations Specialist

Social Media Manager

Communications Officer

Brand Ambassador

Customer Service and Sales:

Customer Service Representative

Sales Representative

Retail Associate

Client Success Manager

Human Resources and People Management:

Human Resources Coordinator

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Employee Engagement Manager

Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Teaching and Education:


Educational Consultant

School Counselor

Workshop Facilitator

Healthcare and Social Services:

Social Worker


Community Outreach Coordinator

Patient Advocate

Hospitality and Tourism:

Hotel Manager

Tour Guide

Cruise Director

Travel Consultant

Media and Broadcasting:

TV/Radio Host

Podcast Host

News Anchor

Broadcast Journalist

Community and Nonprofit Organizations:

Community Organizer

Nonprofit Program Manager


Volunteer Coordinator

Networking and Relationship Management:

Business Development Representative

Relationship Manager

Networking Event Coordinator

Partnership Manager

Emerging Jobs:

Influencer Marketing Manager: With the rise of influencer marketing, managers collaborate with influencers to promote products or brands on social media platforms.

Online Community Moderator: As online communities grow, moderators facilitate positive interactions, enforce community guidelines, and address concerns.

Podcast Producer: In the growing field of podcasting, producers coordinate guests, manage content, and engage with listeners.

Digital Marketing Specialist: Specialists in digital marketing focus on online strategies, including social media, email, and content marketing.

User Engagement Specialist: In tech companies, user engagement specialists work to enhance the experience of users and increase customer satisfaction.

Brand Ambassador: Representing a brand, ambassadors engage with the public at events, on social media, or through other channels to promote products or services.

Online Learning Facilitator: With the rise of online education, facilitators engage with students in virtual environments, providing support and guidance. Social Media Manager: Managing social media accounts for organizations, social media managers create content, engage with followers, and monitor trends.

These roles emphasize the importance of interpersonal skills, effective communication, and the ability to build and maintain relationships – qualities that align well with the social nature of individuals who thrive in dynamic and people-oriented environments.


Enterprising people are ambitious and proactive individuals who excel in business and leadership, often taking calculated risks, seeking opportunities, and displaying a strong drive for success and achievement in their endeavors. They are strategic thinkers with a focus on innovation and growth. Here are some jobs that are typically considered suitable for enterprising people:

Sales and Marketing:

Sales Manager

Marketing Director

Business Development Executive

Sales Representative

Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership:

Entrepreneur/Startup Founder

Small Business Owner

Franchise Owner

CEO or Business Executive

Finance and Investment:

Financial Advisor

Investment Banker

Venture Capitalist


Management and Leadership:

General Manager

Operations Manager

Executive Director

Team Leader

Real Estate and Property Management:

Real Estate Developer

Property Manager

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Investment Advisor

Politics and Public Administration:


Campaign Manager

Public Relations Specialist



Management Consultant

Business Analyst

Strategic Planner

Marketing Consultant

Technology and Innovation:

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Tech Startup Founder

Innovation Manager

Product Manager

Media and Entertainment:

Media Producer

Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur

Talent Agent


Hospitality and Tourism:

Hotel Manager

Event Planner

Restaurant Owner

Tourism Consultant

Emerging Jobs:

E-commerce Entrepreneur: With the growth of online commerce, enterprising individuals can explore opportunities in starting and running e-commerce businesses.

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur: Leveraging digital platforms, entrepreneurs can start businesses focused on digital marketing services, including social media management, SEO, and content marketing.

Blockchain Consultant: Enterprising individuals with expertise in blockchain technology can offer consulting services to businesses exploring blockchain solutions.

Social Media Influencer: Building a personal brand and leveraging social media platforms, influencers collaborate with brands for sponsored content and promotions.

Green Energy Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurs in the field of renewable energy can explore opportunities in solar, wind, and other sustainable energy solutions.

Health and Wellness Coach: Enterprising individuals can start businesses as health and wellness coaches, offering services related to fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being.

Technology Startup Founder: With advancements in technology, founders can create startups focused on innovative solutions, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, or biotechnology. Remote Work Consultant: As remote work becomes more prevalent, consultants can help businesses optimize their remote work strategies and processes.

Enterprising individuals often excel in roles where they can take initiative, make decisions, and pursue opportunities. These jobs span various industries and offer opportunities for those who enjoy leading, influencing, and taking risks in their professional endeavors.


Conventional people are traditional and conformist individuals who prefer established norms and values, often adhering to conventional expectations in their lifestyle and choices. They find comfort in familiar structures and routines.

Administrative and Clerical Roles:

Administrative Assistant

Office Manager


Executive Assistant

Accounting and Finance:


Financial Analyst


Payroll Specialist

Legal and Compliance:


Legal Secretary

Compliance Officer

Court Clerk

Information Management:

Records Manager

Database Administrator



Healthcare Administration:

Medical Secretary

Health Information Technician

Medical Records Clerk

Billing Specialist

Customer Service and Support:

Customer Service Representative

Call Center Operator

Help Desk Support

Technical Support Specialist

Quality Assurance and Inspection:

Quality Control Inspector

Compliance Auditor

Safety Inspector

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Project Management:

Project Coordinator

Project Administrator

Program Manager

Operations Supervisor

Retail and Sales Support:

Retail Associate

Sales Support Representative

Merchandising Coordinator

Inventory Control Specialist

Government and Public Administration:

Government Clerk

Administrative Officer

Municipal Clerk

Policy Analyst

Emerging Jobs:

Compliance Analyst: With the increasing focus on regulations, compliance analysts ensure that businesses adhere to legal and industry standards, conducting audits and assessments.

Cybersecurity Analyst: In the realm of cybersecurity, analysts work to safeguard information systems, analyze threats, and implement security measures.

Health Information Technician: Conventional individuals can explore roles in health information management, ensuring the accuracy and security of patient records in healthcare settings.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Specialist: Working with automation technologies, RPA specialists design and implement automated processes to improve efficiency.

Supply Chain Coordinator: In the field of logistics, supply chain coordinators manage the movement of goods, coordinate with suppliers, and optimize supply chain processes.

Document Control Specialist: Ensuring the accuracy and organization of documents, specialists manage document control systems and facilitate document approval processes.

Project Coordinator: Coordinating project activities, timelines, and resources, project coordinators help ensure the successful execution of projects. IT Support Specialist: Conventional individuals with technical skills can provide IT support, assisting users with computer-related issues and maintaining IT systems.

Conventional individuals excel in roles that require attention to detail, precision, and a focus on organizational processes. These jobs often involve working with data, maintaining records, and ensuring that established procedures are followed. They are well-suited for careers where stability, order, and routine are valued.

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